Here is a list of most frequently asked questions. If you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us.

Transfers - General

How do we pay? 

You have several payment options. You can pay by credit card over the phone, cheque, money order, electronic funds transfer (EFT) or you can pay cash to the driver (outbound only). Please note that all INBOUND transfers must be prepaid – either by credit card, cheque, money order, EFT or by cash on your OUTBOUND trip. read more at

My family is going on a cruise… can you take us to Portside Wharf? 

Yes, we transfer large numbers of passengers to and from Portside Wharf on ‘cruise days’. We have mastered the art and timing of meeting INBOUND cruisers, and when we drop you off on your departure you are given clear and simple instructions for your return pick-up. Cruise transfers are the same price as airport transfers.

Do you have cars or minibuses? 

Our Qld Transport accreditation as a transfer service does not allow us to use vehicles with less than 10 seats for door-to-door transfers. RedAir vehicles are air-conditioned minibuses with passenger seating capacity of 10, 13 and 21seats all with seat belts. 

Do your buses have baby seats and booster seats?

Unfortunately our buses are no longer fitted with baby seats and booster seats however you are allowed to nurse young children as governed by Queensland Transport Regulations. All buses are fitted with lap sash seat belts and if the child is old enough to sit up on their own they are allowed to have a seat by themselves. 

Will you be picking up other passengers? 

RedAir is a shared transfer service. If there are 2 or more bookings around the same time and along the same route, they will be combined.

Can I be sure you’ll get me there on time? 

Our policy is to allow our passengers plenty of time. We aim to get you to the airport one hour before your domestic departure and 2-3 hours before your international departure. For your cruise we deliver you to the departure terminal at Portside when check-in commences. This means you can board, settle in, get your bearings and start your trip with a leisurely lunch. To compensate for possible traffic delays, we allow approximately one hour travel time. PLEASE NOTE: Redair can not be held responsible for people missing their departures due to traffic or incidents out of our control.  


Transfers - Inbound Flights

Will you pick me up when I come home from overseas? 

Yes. We are happy to take a booking for your INBOUND transfer. This must be prepaid. 

What about Customs and Immigration and baggage? How do you know how long that will take? 

We allow 15-20 minutes (Domestic) and 45 minutes (International) for arrival and baggage procedures.

How do you find us – or do we have to find you? 

Our drivers have designated meeting points at the Domestic and International Terminals. You will be given these directions at the time of booking, and if we take you to the airport on your OUTBOUND trip, you will be given a ‘return receipt’ with all details. Our drivers are easy to spot in their red shirt or jacket, and the red sign with your name on it leaves no room for doubt.

What if my flight is delayed or cancelled? 

We will do our best to honour your booking even if your flight is cancelled or not operating as scheduled.

In the event that we are unable to alter our schedule to accommodate your later arrival time, we will advise you via text or voicemail (if you have these options) and your prepaid fare will be refunded.

What if I don’t have a mobile phone – or I don’t have it with me – or it isn’t charged? 

It is our preference to have a mobile contact number for inbound passengers as situations can often be resolved if verbal or voicemail contact is possible. If there is ever a problem and we can’t contact you, we expect you to contact us on our emergency mobile 0419 289 671.


What is your cancellation policy? 

We are happy to refund a prepaid transfer if you notify us of your change of plans in plenty of time. Please note there is a 15% admin surcharge for credit card cancellations. We will also offer you a refund if your inbound flight is delayed and we are unable to alter our schedule to accommodate your later arrival time. We cannot offer a refund if the driver has left the depot and is on his/her way to pick you up, if you are a ‘no show’, or we have attempted to meet you but have been given an incorrect arrival details.